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Winter in Mallorca

It has long been a fact that during the winter months, Mallorca goes very quiet with regards to tourism.

Most hotels tend to close up for winter and the airlines that bring in the visitor to the island either cease flights all together, or at least cut frequency down to a bare minimum.

It is a strange state of affairs when you consider that Mallorca is still a beautiful destination any time of the year. Yes, ok there is more in the way of rain and temperatures are certainly down from that of summer.

But when you think about the Mallorcan weather during this period of time and that it often generally rises to around 60+ farenheit in December and January, and then compare this to the temperatures in the UK and northern Europe which tend to hover around or not much higher than freezing, you begin to question the logic to Mallorca closing up shop.

And of course there is Christmas! people just love to get away for the festive period, and to be fair there are a few who actually do go to Mallorca to stay at the few hotels that actually do stay open.

Well the good news is that Christmas 2014 has seen a rise in tourists and visitors to Mallorca! with numbers hotels reporting 52% capacity. This is higher than previous years and perhaps there is a change afoot.

Hotels and Airlines operate purely on demand, they are businesses after all. They would be very quick to respond to rising demand for sure. So maybe give some thought to spending some of your winter period in beautiful Mallorca as many people do in other parts of Spain such as the Costa del Sol, and not just Christmas.

If you would like to add your comments, thoughts and suggestions you can use the social links below. It would be great to hear what you guys think.

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