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Palma Cathedral (La Seu) - Wedding and Event Venue



La Seu, Palma Cathedral, Palma de Mallorca, Historic Event Venue
Plaça Almoïna, s/n.
Palma de Mallorca, España

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Special features:
La Seu, Palma de Mallorca's magnificent Gothic Cathedral, is the city's most important symbol. It has an unusual position for a cathedral, right next to the sea. With lovely views of the harbour, you can enjoy great walks in the Old Town after your visit. La Seu is dedicated to San Sebastian, Palma's Patron Saint.

Event types:
Concerts, mass ceremonies, weddings. You can also organize dinners, ceremonies, meetings and many more events near the Cathedral enjoying spectacular views of the Cathedral, the sea and the Old Town.

Directions: (See the map below)

According to a very old legend, King Jaime I was surprised by a terrible storm one night during his voyage to conquer Mallorca in 1229. He promised the Virgin Mary that he would build a Cathedral in her honour if he lived through the ordeal.

The first stone of the new cathedral was laid on New Year's day in 1230. The site chosen was the former head mosque. Because of that La Seu does not face Jerusalem, as is customary with cathedrals. It faces Mecca instead.
Several relics of saints are kept in the cathedral, one of them is said to be a part of the Holy Cross.

La Seu in numbers:
· The immense central vault measures 43 metres
· Its columns are 20 metres high
· One window has as many as 1.236 crystal pieces and is almost 12 metres wide
· Gaudí added the iron canopy over the main altar in 1909
. Barceló made the artwork in the chapel to the right of the canopy a few years ago

Opening hours museum:
10am to 6pm on work days,
10am to 2pm on Saturdays, Sundays closed (in the summertime)
10am to 3pm on work days, weekends closed (in wintertime)

View Palma Cathedral, Le Seu in a larger map

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