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home | Mallorca News | Michelin Star for Marc Fosh again

Michelin Star for Marc Fosh again

Michelin Star Chef Marc Fosh of Restaurant Simply Fosh

Congratulations goes out to Marc Fosh  on his second Michelin Star which was awarded to him at the end of 2014. The Michelin award certainly helped with business during December with several hundred extra covers being needed.

In the video below you can hear Marc talking how winning Michelin Stars was not important, well that was then... it looks like you are getting them anyway!

Marc owns two restaurants in Mallorca both of which are based in Palma, the main restaurant being Simply Fosh plus the other Misa Braseria.

British Chef Marc has been based in Mallorca for many years and has earned a fine reputation amongst his local and new customers alike, offering a mainly Mediterranean menu. Follow the link to visit Simply Fosh Restaurant to find out more about Marc and Simply Fosh.

If you would like to share your experiences at either Simply Fosh or Misa Braseria you can use the social links below. 

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