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Chefs in Mallorca

Chefs in Mallorca

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Meet some Chefs in Mallorca




On these pages you will find information about the most prominent Chefs in Mallorca, Spain

A-Z List of Chefs in Mallorca

SkyBlue Mallorca the most complete guide of Mallorca Restaurants

Pep Socias Torrens
Pep Socias Torrens Pep Socias Torrens is chef and owner of Bri Restaurant in Palma de Mallorca . . . keep reading / mas
Carlos López-Durán
Carlos López-Durán Carlos López-Durán . . . keep reading / mas
Joan Marc Garcias Amer
Joan Marc Garcias Amer Cocinero mallorquín, nacido en Inca, apuesta por lo mejor que ofrece la isla de Mallorca en Joan Marc Restaurant situado en Inca . . . keep reading / mas
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez Carlos is currently the chef at Son Muntaner Restaurant, located at the Arabella Golf course in Son Vida, Mallorca . . . keep reading / mas
Thomas Kahl
Thomas Kahl Thomas Kahl, chef at the Michelin-Star restaurant Es Fum, located at St Regis Mardavall Resort Mallorca . . . keep reading / mas
Ronny Portulidis
Ronny Portulidis Ronny Portulidis, Chef in Palma de Mallorca. Runs the kitchens of Duke Restaurant, Fresh Food Factory and Can Punta Restaurant . . . keep reading / mas
Caterina Pieras
Caterina Pieras Caty Pieras, Chef in Mallorca . . . keep reading / mas
Macarena de Castro
Macarena de Castro Macarena de Castro is owner and chef at the Michelin Star Jardin Restaurant in the Port of Alcudia, Mallorca, where she was born . . . keep reading / mas
Rafael Sánchez
Rafael Sánchez Rafael Sánchez, chef at Plat D'Or, at Sheraton Mallorca - Arabella Golf Hotel, Son Vida . . . keep reading / mas
Benet Vicens
Benet Vicens Benet Vicens, chef at Bens d'Avall Restaurant in Soller-Deia, now brings his cuisine to Palma at Bens d'Avall Club de Mar . . . keep reading / mas
Patxi Castellano
Patxi Castellano Patxi Castellano Chef at TAST/ Patxi Castellano Jefe de Cocina de TAST . . . keep reading / mas
Guillermo Méndez
Guillermo Méndez Guillermo Méndez, chef at El Olivo, La Residencia, in Deia . . . keep reading / mas
Hilbert Sluiter
Hilbert Sluiter Hilbert Sluiter originally from Holland, has travelled extensively, giving him the opportunity to cook for a diverse public in different countries. At his Zee Restaurant in Cala Estancia, Palma he offers an original fusion cuisine . . . keep reading / mas
Guillermo Femenías
Guillermo Femenías Guillermo Femenías, chef at Montimar in Estellencs . . . keep reading / mas
Jordi Calvache
Jordi Calvache Jordi Calvache . . . keep reading / mas
Nils Egtermeyer
Nils Egtermeyer Nils Egtermeyer is the culinary head at SIMPLY FOSH and has been working with Marc Fosh for several years now . . . keep reading / mas
Raul Resino Olivares
Raul Resino Olivares Raúl Resino, Chef . . . keep reading / mas
Gerard Deymier
Gerard Deymier Gerard Deymier, chef and owner of Port Petit in Cala D'Or . . . keep reading / mas
Xavier Rue
Xavier Rue Originally from Catalonia, Xavier Rue started cooking when he was only 13 years old, and learnt many techniques from his father who was also a chef . . . keep reading / mas
Marc Fosh
Marc Fosh Well-known chef Marc Fosh runs three restaurants in Palma, Simply Fosh, Tasca de Blanquerna and Misa Braseria, as well as Fosh food Catering . . . keep reading / mas
Sebastian Ballester
Sebastian Ballester Cocinero y propietario del restaurante familiar Can Mateu en Algaida . . . keep reading / mas
Pius Schnider
Pius Schnider Pius Schnider Chef at El Pato Restaurant in Son Vida, Majorca . . . keep reading / mas
Gabriel Mederos
Gabriel Mederos Gabriel Mederos is the chef at the popular Neptuno Tapas Bar in the Port of Pollensa . . . keep reading / mas
Marta Rosselló
Marta Rosselló Marta Rosselló, Chef at Sal de Cocó Restaurant in Colònia Sant Jordi . . . keep reading / mas
Sven Grabolle
Sven Grabolle Sven is the chef at Ritzi Restaurant in Puerto Portals, Mallorca . . . keep reading / mas
Rafel Perelló
Rafel Perelló Rafel is the chef at 365, the gourmet restaurant at Son Brull Hotel & Spa of five stars in Pollensa . . . keep reading / mas
Estiven Arraez
Estiven Arraez Estiven Arráez . . . keep reading / mas
Juan Carlos Martín Serra
Juan Carlos Martín Serra Juan Carlos Martín Serra Chef at Antonio Restaurant in Colonia San Jordi . . . keep reading / mas
Mercedes Comas Lozano
Mercedes Comas Lozano Mercedes Comas Lozano, Chef at Molt de Gust Catering in Palma . . . keep reading / mas
Juan Diego Craywinckel Martí
Juan Diego Craywinckel Martí Juan Diego Craywinckel Martí del Restaurante Splendor en Port Adriano . . . keep reading / mas
Juan Vicens
Juan Vicens Chef Juan Vicens of Las Olas Restaurant in the Port of Soller . . . keep reading / mas
Maxime Deymier
Maxime Deymier Maxime Deymier, chef at Máxime at Vall d'Or Golf in S'Horta . . . keep reading / mas
Javier Weil
Javier Weil Javier Weil, chef of Can Blau at Gran Hotel Sóller in Sóller . . . keep reading / mas
Marc Vidal
Marc Vidal Marc Vidal, chef at Es Coc in Santanyí . . . keep reading / mas
Miquel Vicens
Miquel Vicens Miquel Vicens, chef at Can Calent Restaurant in Campos . . . keep reading / mas
Joan Torrens
Joan Torrens Joan Torrens, chef at Es Rebost d'es Baluard in Palma . . . keep reading / mas
Maria Solivellas
Maria Solivellas Maria Solivellas, chef at Ca Na Toneta in Caimari . . . keep reading / mas
Koldo Royo
Koldo Royo Koldo Royo . . . keep reading / mas
Juan Rodríguez Ginard
Juan Rodríguez Ginard Juan Rodríguez Ginard, chef at Playa Hostal in Colonia Sant Jordi . . . keep reading / mas
Juanjo Ramírez
Juanjo Ramírez Juanjo Ramírez, chef at Bon Lloc in Palma . . . keep reading / mas
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