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home | Mallorca Wine Estates | Castell Miquel - Wine Estate

Castell Miquel - Wine Estate

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Castell Miquel, Alaró

Carretera Alaró/Lloseta km 8.7
07340 Alaró, Mallorca
Balearic Islands, Spain

Contact person
Björn Kirchner 

+34 971 510 698

Winemaker/Owner: Dr Michael Popp

Enologist: Thomas Wambsganns

Founded: 1998

Vineyards: 22.5 hectares, spread across Alaró, Binissalem and Porreres

Annual Production: 120.000 bottles

Grape Varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon



Sauvignon Blanc

Red Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon Stairway to Heaven
Shiraz Stairway to Heaven
Monte Sion

White Wines
Sauvignon Blanc Stars from Heaven

Rosé Wines
Cabernet Shiraz Stars from Heaven

Stars from Heaven Dulce Cabernet Sauvignon

Sparkling Wines

Pearls from Heaven, Shiraz, white sprakling wine made from red grapes

Under the Protection of

Vi de la Terra de Mallorca


Opening Times of the Wine Estate
November 1 to March 31
Monday to Friday
from 12.00 to 17.30

April 1 to October 31
Monday to Friday from 11.30 to 19.30
Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00

Visits are open to everyone. For bigger groups a reservation is necessary please phone the office for more details.
Visits cost 5 € per person and they include a guided wine tasting

May Market 2012 at Castell Miquel Wine Estate
Saturday May 26 from 12.00 to 20.00
Sunday May 27 from 12.00 to 19.00

Castell Miquel wines: a natural elixir

This beautiful terraced wine estate in Alaró, Mallorca, produces wines which are unique, both in their flavour and in their healthy properties. The Es Castellet finca was bought by the owner, Dr Popp in 1998. He created terraces to house the vineyards and included modern winery installations at the ancient Mallorcan estate. Castell Miquel also owns vineyards in Binissalem and Porreres and by mixing the grapes produced there with the grapes grown on the terraces in Alaró they are able to produce wines which are very sophisticated and unique. The different type and quality of the land at these three locations affords for a rich variety of raw produce which is quite rare amongst Mallorca's wineries.

Dr Popp is a pharmacist dedicated to the research and production of natural medicines, and his interest in wine is intimately linked with his study of plants and herbs and their healing properties. He applies a natural approach to viticulture and, confident in the knowledge that wine has always been used as a medicine throughout history, is constantly researching ways to use vines in medicine. It is for that reason that the Castell Miquel wines are made using only natural ingredients and that the healthy benefits of the grapes are accentuated in the wines to ensure beneficial qualities.


Thomas Wambsganns is the wine maker at Castell Miquel and his personal philosophy when producing wine is to accentuate the work done in the vineyards and to minimize the work in the cellars, in other words to work hard to ensure a quality raw produce and then to interfere as little as possible with the product once it is inside. He believes in working with the weather and climate of each year and producing wines which literally 'taste' of the year in which they were produced.

The Castell Miquel terraces create a rich micro-climate which is ideal for the vines and which welcomes insects and organisms which naturally enrich the soil. The location of the vineyards in Alaró also means that harvesting the grapes is very hard work; it all has to be done by hand, as the conditions will not allow for any machinery. The result is wines which are very smooth and natural, with a long ageing potential, good tannin structure and an elegant bouquet covering a spectrum of aromas, from subtle hints of vanilla, blackcurrants and figs through to a touch of exotic spices. Castell Miquel wines are also different in that they are all bottled with glass closures, instead of corks. The winery strongly prefers this method of closure to the more conventional one as it does not interfere at all with the taste of the wines once bottled.

View Castell Miquel Wine Estate in a larger map

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